At the intersection of three roads springs forth the Trevi Fountain. An access point for the Acqua Vergine which was one of the ancient aqueducts that supplied water to Rome. In 538 the Goths besieged Rome and broke the aqueduct forcing Romans to drink polluted wells and the Tiber river. In 1453 Pope Nicholas V restored the Acqua Vergine and commissioned Leon Battista Alberti to build something fitting for the Trevi location.

In 1732 Pope Clement XII organized a contest for the design of the Trevi Fountain and after much arguing over who won Nicola Salvi was assigned the commission, but the fountain was eventually completed by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762 due to Salvi dying in 1751. The theme of the fountain is 'Taming of the waters' with the chariot of Oceanus (central statue) being led by Tritons and hippocampus.
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