An architectural milestone, the Gesù (mother church) was the first Jesuit Church to be built in Rome between 1568 and 1584 by Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola and Giacomo della Porta. The Baroque styled Gesù has no narthex at the front of the church, a large extended nave for the congregation to worship, no side aisle's (a series of chapels instead) and a short transept occupied by large altars.

The silver lining of the Gesù is the ceiling fresco by Giovanni Battista Gaulli who created a masterpiece Quadratura combining stucco statues (located on the windows) blended with paint and shadows across the heavens. The clouds surrounding the edge of the fresco look like they are floating below the ceiling creating a gorgeous di sotto in su that is breathtaking to behold while gazing upwards.
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