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  Forgotten Times 01.January
There was a time back in the 2000s when front page news on personal websites was actually a thing. We would all be beavering away writing notes, articles and blogs of what we are all doing, hoping that some random stranger would discover it and be interested!

Those days are gone! Everything nowadays is just a bite size piece of information flashed for a couple of seconds on a phone screen glued to everyone's hand. We all walk around like zombies swiping left and right on news articles, photos and people's social feeds while waiting for something to happen and fill in the gaps in our lives.

Unfortunately there is not much happening or newsworthy which is worth sharing about what I am doing at the moment. So good luck to everyone and hope you enjoy this memento to the past or as I like to call it, thingamajig!

Grumpy Old Man

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