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 Background Information
The map source file is a very large file (10Mb) because I have included 200+ models and a few of those are linked together. The model naming convention is a bit strange but the level was developered over 8 months with 156 map versions so some stuff will probably be in the wrong place. I recommend you turn on camera clipping in the GTK editor, otherwise you will not be able to move the camera around.

The map is compressed into a small space in the editor so that the light grid has a better density on surfaces. I have included map compile options in the readme file and it works fine with q3map2 version 2.16. All the Q3A logic stuff is high above the map and is colour coded via textures to show the different functions used. Once I get a free moment I will sit down and go through some of the logic stuff because unless you are into scripting or coding it will be very difficult to follow.

This zip file contains all of the original editor map files and most of the editor textures which were used in the production of the map "The Edge of Forever" for Q3. The extra editor textures do not need to be distributed with the final map product. They are designed to make the production of the map easier to see / understand in the editor only.

Please note: The map files for The Edge of Forever are supplied as is and probably with the odd mistake or two buried in them. They are certainly not to be treated as an example of mapping standard / guide or some anal exercise in how to map correctly. Please bear this in mind when looking at the map source files.

 Batch Files
I strongly recommend you do not compile the source maps in this zip file using the editor menu but instead use a 3rd party graphical front-end program or batch files. Please remember to change the paths in the batch files to match the location of where you are storing all of your Q3 files, otherwise they might not work.

All of these batch files below require a map name to be supplied as a parameter in order to work. Either create a windows shortcut with the map name built in or open a command line. (File/Run/Cmd) I assume if you know about batch files you also know about command lines, but if you are unsure, ask someone don't experiment.

All of the models used in The Edge of Forever were setup as ASE files which originally were made from map files. This format allows for custom brushwork to be rotated / scaled easily in the editor and is perfect for maintaining texturing information.

Batch File - creating ASE files

@echo off
@set Q3_PATH="C:/Program Files/Quake III Arena/"
@set COMP_PATH="C:/Program Files/Quake III Arena/q3map2/q3map2.exe"
@set MAP_PATH="C:/Program Files/Quake III Arena/baseq3/maps/"
@set GEN_OPTIONS=-fs_basepath %Q3_PATH%

rem ASE stuff
rem -subdivision 3 (editor default for small stuff)
rem no subdivision for regular stuff

%COMP_PATH% -bsp -meta -patchmeta %GEN_OPTIONS% %MAP_PATH%
rem %COMP_PATH% -meta -patchmeta -subdivisions 3 %GEN_OPTIONS% %MAP_PATH%
rem HIGH
rem %COMP_PATH% -meta -patchmeta -subdivisions 2 %GEN_OPTIONS% %MAP_PATH%
rem %COMP_PATH% -meta -patchmeta -subdivisions 1 %GEN_OPTIONS% %MAP_PATH%


Batch File - normal compiles

@echo off
@set Q3_PATH="C:/Program Files/Quake III Arena/"
@set COMP_PATH="C:/Program Files/Quake III Arena/q3map2/q3map2.exe"
@set MAP_PATH="C:/Program Files/Quake III Arena/baseq3/maps/"
@set BOT_PATH="C:/Program Files/Quake iii arena/q3map2/bspc.exe"
@set GEN_OPTIONS=-fs_basepath %Q3_PATH%

%COMP_PATH% -vis -saveprt %GEN_OPTIONS% %MAP_PATH%
%COMP_PATH% -light -fast -samples 6 -bounce 3 -patchshadows -dirty 
  -dirtscale 2.5 -dirtdepth 24 -gamma 1.45 -compensate 1.55 

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