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This is a collection of all the beta versions for the map The Edge of Forever which was created over a period of 8 months and went through 156 revisions before finally being released.

These beta zip files will conflict with each other and the final release version. It is important that only one copy of this map is in your Quake III Arena base directory before running it in game. During the lifecycle of this map many assets were changed around and it is likely that these changes will affect other versions.

The map started life as a series of experimental into environmental puzzles and eventually was merged into an art prototype inspired by pictures of architecture by Gaudi. The project hit many engine limits along the way and was constantly changing in size and shape before reaching a beta version where everything worked.

Half way through the development of the map (Beta 5) the main texture set was replaced with new photo sourced images which were eventually finished in beta 8. The source files are not available for these beta maps because most of the assets were changed around during development and the map files are a complete visual mess.

Beta 1 - 04.10.09  
After several months of prototyping different puzzle ideas and plenty of broken engine limits later, the first beta version of the level was ready for testing.

The map was based on existing id textures and had five puzzles and ten secrets that could be completed. There was no introduction or ending to the level and only a small amount of final detail had been added to the level.
Beta 1

Beta 2
Beta 2 - 05.10.09  
Within hours of releasing the first beta version, a bug was found with the creation of dynamic entities. When the player received damaged from environmental hazards (the electric coils) the engine would generate dynamic entities called 'gibs'. This caused the game to crash without warning.

The total amount of entities used in the map was lowered and another beta version was released to address the entity problem.

Beta 3 - 07.10.09  
Some of the secret skull locations required the player to use a personal teleporter to escape and this was not obvious. This feature was removed and additional steps were added to allow the player to escape normally.

The early versions of the map suffered from poor lighting and due to me living in a dark room it only looked amazing on my screen. The overall gamma level and brightness of point lights were increased.
Beta 3

Beta 4
Beta 4 - 08.10.09 Download 
This was the first stable beta version with improved lighting and less complicated secret locations. The map was lightly sprinkled with various Q3 items and was then ready for some testing.

The secret at the top of the generator could only be accessed at a certain time and most people found it difficult to get, so it was made optional. This allowed the player to skip one secret and complete the map in different ways.

Beta 5 - 20.10.09 Download 
The map was using Q3 textures to reduce the amount of effort spent on artwork tasks and increase the time with the puzzles. This was having a negative effect on the style and the level looked dated and low resolution.

This beta version was the start of new photo source textures being used and was a test to see if they were liked or not. The skybox was changed to make the skylight and window views more interesting with extra fluffy clouds.
Beta 5

Beta 6
Beta 6 - 29.10.09 Download 
The central lift shaft was rotated around and the lower teleporter room was moved up to the top floor. The 'drop down' space below puzzle 3 was sealed off and the layout was changed to highlight the locking mechanism.

This was a big update to the game play and visuals and was mostly based on feedback from beta 4. The progression through the level was more fluid and the visual clues for the puzzles were more intuitive.

Beta 7 - 31.12.09 Download 
A huge visual update after a long time of building was the new Guardian chamber, giant portal showing the outside of the building and the skull-o-meter to track the progress of the second objective.

With the majority of the new textures in-place and the extra detail of books and specially designed claw lights, the map was finally beginning to taking shape and looking close to being finished.
Beta 7

Beta 8
Beta 8 - 04.01.10 Download 
The exit cave was originally from another map and the brushwork had to be changed to suit the new style. Crystal lights were added to the walls and a large amount of rock debris was scattered across the floor.

A final detail pass was done on the outside of the building with terrain blends and additional wall structures to give the impression that the building was part of a something larger.

Beta 9 - 12.01.10 Download 
It was possible to break puzzles 3 and 5 by running around hitting all the buttons and ending up with the chains or coils in the wrong position when finished. This was awkward to fix because it was close to the end and there was a chance it might break other things.

All of the Q3 items were removed and the problem of re-suppling the player was solved with a regeneration pool that nicely fitted into the old lift doorway at the start of the level.
Beta 9

Beta 10
Beta 10 - 23.01.10 Download 
After constantly watching video clips of the Orrery in the film Dark Crystal and days of working out the best way to create the planet shaders, the orrery finally took shape.

The Guardians voice was originally a hodgepodge of lines from a Star Trek episode trying to explain what was going on. Luckily at the last minute a friend offered to re-record the lines and this eventually allowed the story to be told, how I wanted it.

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