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 The Ivory Tower (Q1SP)   Information File Size: 4.92Mb
The Ivory Tower Material Layers Gold Mine On Track

Deep within the Grendal Gorge is a small monastery and chapel built by the Silver Knights of Tresden. The central tower of the chapel was constructed from the legendary white rocks of Vineford and soon gained the nickname of 'The Ivory Tower'.

The monastery was surrounded by many dark caves and eventually the knights discovered that the foundations of the Ivory Tower were riddled with large amounts of gold. The knights soon abandoned their pray and meditation for the axe and cart as they ventured deep underground in pursuit of their new god, gold.

The Ivory Tower was replaced with gleaming spires of gold as the Knights found comfort in their new found wealth. After many years of greed and decadence the Knights turned to dark rituals for spiritual satisfaction and so began the journey into madness.

 Background Information
Sometimes it is fun to sit down for a short while and create brushwork experiments. Quick scenes designed to explore a theme and not have to be hampered by gameplay (AI movement) restrictions.

This map is made from several brushwork experiments mashed together to form a story of events. The construction is designed to show the player location history by revealing layers of details stacked on top of each other.

Many of the locations are designed to be revisited from different heights and angles and there are several key points where the view is setup to show where the player is going to be next.

The map flow is not linear and there are several routes which can bypass large parts of the map. This means that the map can be replayed several times and new routes can be discovered. The downside to this strategy is that the player can get easily lost or turned around, but the map is small enough that the feeling of being lost should be minimal.

The map contains ten secrets which range from button finding to player movement (jumping) skills. No secret requires rocket/grenade jumping to be reached and the mechanism to operate the secret is often within close proximity. All skill levels were tested without the use of any secret stash.

The start area (skill selection) is the Ivory Tower before the gold rush, I thought it might be fun to play with what happened to the canyon area instead of a generic skill selection area.

The skill levels are selected from different routes / archways in the start area with easy, normal and hard on the ground floor and the nightmare portal close to the exit. For players who like to explore there is a Super Shotgun hidden away via some ledge jumping. Once the skill has been selected the map will restart and everything should be setup correctly.

Each skill level has different monsters types, in different positions and can be played progressively for a different experience of the map. All weapons, ammo and health are the same on all skill levels. It is assumed the player will be more frugal with ammo/health consumption on higher difficulty settings.

The final room contains three floor/ceiling crushers which are button operated. They are designed with a dual purpose (crush or cover) and give the player a choice. They can either make the fight easier by crushing enemies or creating cover to hide behind from long range enemy attacks.

-Create a new folder called "ivory" in your Quake folder
-Copy the Zip file into the new folder
-Extract the contents of the zip file
-Create a shortcut to your preferred Quake engine
-Add the following to the command line:
 -heapsize 64000 -game ivory +map ivory
-Run shortcut and make sure map loads
-The first part of the map is a skill selection area
-Remember to record a demo once you start the map!
-The map was designed and tested to work with the following engines:
 Mark V -
 FitzQuake 0.85 -

 Map Information
Map TypeSP (Single Player) only
DifficultEasy 69, Normal 84, Hard 101 - Monsters
DevelopmentThree weeks
TexturesMostly by ID Software, with lots of additional detail textures by me
SkyboxNew yellow version of ID style racing clouds
SourceMap and texture WAD included in the PAK file

-ID software for creating Quake
-Additional map feedback and testing by negke
-BSP Compilers (txqbsp,vis,light) by Bengt Jardrup
-Coloured light and LIT support by MH
-newskip by John Fitzgibbons (hides skip textures)
-TexMex 3.4 by Mike Jackman (good for organizing textures)
-AdQuedit 1.3 by Hicks Goldrush (perfect for pak files)

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