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 Fallen from Grace (Q1SP)   Information File Size: 4.38Mb
Central Courtyard Rampart Moon Tidy Dereliction Skill Selection

 Background Information
This is an extended version of the map in the Retro Jam 1 Pack.

 Map Information
Map TypeSP (Single Player) only
DifficultEasy 40, Normal 60, Hard 80 - Monsters
Developmentone week
SkyboxGrimm is by Hipshot (I wish I had an email/web addr)
TexturesMostly ID textures with a couple by me
ModelsNew model replacements by me, except dog.mdl - Capnbubs
SourceMap and texture WAD included in the PAK file

-ID software for creating Quake
-Additional map feedback and testing by Daz and Skacky
-BSP/VIS Compilers - TYRUTILS v0.14 by Kevin Shanahan
-Light Compiler by Bengt Jardrup
-Coloured light and LIT support by MH
-TexMex 3.4 by Mike Jackman (good for organizing textures)
-AdQuedit 1.3 by Hicks Goldrush (perfect for pak files)

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