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 Map Editor Source Files Back to Forever Page File Size: 3.08Mb
The map pack contains the original editor map file and a collection of all the editor textures which were used in the production of the map "Pyramid of the Magician" for Q3. These textures do not need to be distributed with a final map product. They are designed to make the production of the map easier to see/understand in the editor only.

There was a small amount of resources that was not used in the original map but has been included in this zip file. They will require the relevant shaders to be created correctly, but the original map shaders should offer some clues on what to do.

All of the models used have been included in ASE format with the relevant map file used to generate them. Some of the ASE's started life as LWO but for ease of use they were all converted to one format. This format allows for custom brushwork to be rotated/scaled easily in the editor. It is also useful for maintaining texturing information so objects can be textured at weird angles easily.

Please note: The map file for Pyramid of the Magician is supplied as is and probably with the odd mistake or two buried in it. It is certainly not to be treated as an example mapping standard / guide or some anal exercise in how to map correctly. please bear that in mind when looking at the map source file.

The source map was compiled with the following options using a batch file. Here is the batch file I used to create the map. I strongly recommend you do not compile this map from the editor menu but either use a 3rd party graphical front-end program or a batch file.

Please note: There is full installation instructions included within the map pack and its is highly recommended that you follow them if you wish to compile the map yourself. The terrain blending system requires the latest version of the q3map2 compiler. In order to load the map file in the editor without any missing textures you will need to download both the final and source map files listed below.
 PhotoShop Source Files Back to Forever Page File Size: 48.2Mb
This is a collection of some of the master files I used to create the final texture images for the Q3 map "Pyramid of the Magician". They are in a mixture of formats (Photoshop / Paintpro) because there are some elements from both packages that I like and I feel that some features are done better in one package compared to the other.

The files are work in progress and are simply provided so that other people may see how the final textures were created. Some of these textures did have other stages applied to them (de-saturation and darken filter) before they became the final images in the map.

Please note: The textures used in this paint pack are not to be used under any circumstances in any commercial products. YOU are not allowed to make any money directly / indirectly from their use.

I strongly believe that if someone is paid to make artistic resources for a computer game, they should do their job professionally and create resources themselves. Taking resources from community sites and using them in commercial products without permission is not professional behaviour.
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