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The entrance to the western sanctuary of the Pyramid of the Magician is surrounded by a Chenes-style facade. It reproduces the stylized image of the jaws of the cosmic monster. The obsessive image of Chac with his long nose in the form of an upturned trunk, his spiral eyes and eyebrows, the god of rain appears everywhere at Uxmal, particularly notable are those flanking the western stairs.

A true ladder towards the gods, the volume of this steep construction is lightened by a transversal corbel-vaulted corridor built into its base. The plan and section of the Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal reveals a succession of superposed sanctuaries, that mark the successive stages of the additions.

The above text is taken from the book:
the maya, palaces and pyramids of the rainforest by Henri Stierlin.
Pyramid of the Magician
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The five-storey pyramid at Edzná combines the principle of the pyramid and the multi-level palace. The acropolis of Edzná is an huge creation, on a square plan , 60m long on each side. The five levels, surmounted by the cresteria (31m high) of the sanctuary, are linked by a single central flight of steps.

The palace whose four superposed levels, each slightly set back above the other, contain various chambers reached through the doors that punctuate the facade. On the lowest and highest levels, these rooms are preceded by porticoes. On the lowest level, these are constructed with shafts made of masonry, whereas the higher level possesses monolithic columns, which resemble those of the Yucantán Puuc style.

The above text is taken from the book:
the maya, palaces and pyramids of the rainforest by Henri Stierlin.
The Palace-Temple of Edzná
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