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Pharaoh's Watch Jaggered Horizon Towering Heights Ribbed Roofline
Crossroads Alcove Pylon Corner Sanctuary

When I saw the original map by Nunuk I instantly loved the fresh architectural style he had created and wondered if he would mind, if I repainted it with a different theme. I quickly sent off an email to him and hoped he would like my crazy idea enough to send me the original map files. Luckily for me he did, and soon I was staring at someone else's map file in my editor.

It is always interesting to see how other people create stuff, because everyone has their own unique style. Level design is no different to anything else and the creation of geometry is never systematic, there is always a hundred and one different ways to create a map. When I studied the map file I discovered that alot of the geometry was unique in size and shape and would need to be changed to fit the new texture set. What started out as a simple idea, turned into me rebuilding all the brushwork in the map. It was a lot of extra work but I think the end result justified the effort.

When architecture and textures are in harmony with each other the view changes, its hard to explain but things feel like they were designed to fit together. It could be a brick texture which has the grout meeting the edge of the geometry or the texture density being consistent across adjacent geometry faces, it all makes a difference. I am not talking about details like grim, dirt or aging but texture alignment, which is the foundation to the details.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that the original map was textured wrong, I just wanted to make the new texture set fit perfectly thats all. The new set had a lot of exact lines which needed to meet geometry edges and this was not going to happen with the existing geometry shapes easily. Not everything was rebuilt, certain geometry elements had to be preserved because of trick jumping and item placement. There was no point in getting rid of the existing gameplay as it worked really well, so certain geometry had custom textures to get around this problem.

After the map had been rebuilt the existing lighting did not seem right because the new texture set was a different colour tone, so a new lighting scheme was implemented. I started by creating all the upper lights with a cold colour to match the sky and then as I worked downwards through the map, the lights gradually turned into a warm glow. The two tone light system created a unique division between high and low areas and a strange feeling of height.

The final icing on the cake was to include some wierd pulsating sound effects in a couple of areas to hint at something mystical. Hopefully the sound effects will not drive anyone crazy but the ambient level of the map needed something extra.

-ID for creating Quake 3 Arena.
-Original Map architecture by Nunuk.
-Gameplay by Alc from the BigHouse, with some modifications by me and Nunuk for TA stuff.
-TTimo, NakedApe for advice and support.
-Beta Testers : Nunuk, TTimo, NakedApe, Shallow[BAP].

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