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Country house Entrance hall Main bedroom Bridge exit
The Axis base was originally on top of a cliff overlooking a beach, set in a large landscape of greenery. The Allies had to work their way up a heavily defended beach, through some hills, establish a base at a countryside house and then finally assault the Axis base for radar parts.

The large landscape was made up of low level hills with scattered buildings and visibility blocking was a complete nightmare. After much discussion the beach idea was abandoned because battery was going to be based on a beach assault and the whole map was moved further inland.

When the map was passed to me, a lot of work had been done on the Axis base, Allied house and a rough road route had been setup through the landscape. I was required to do a further detail pass on various structures around the landscape and then sort out the road to smoothly move through the map.

There was still a visibility problem with the initial road area and Axis base not being separated by anything. The hills in the middle of the map and the entrance to the Axis base were built up a lot higher so that the map could be split into two portal areas. The Axis base was so wide open there was nothing that could be done except limit visibility with fog and remove as much as possible of the surrounding landscape.

The countryside house was built from the inside out using brushwork from original RTCW. I would often spend lots of time flying around the original RTCW maps looking for stuff that was suitable for Enemy Territory. As far as I was concerned there was no point re-inventing the wheel when I had a whole garage full of wheels to use!

After a lot of searching I found some internal area's with high wooden ceilings and a gorgeous network of beams molded around tall windows. It seemed perfect for the countryside house and after a lot of cut and pasting the original RTCW brushwork created the new style I needed.

Radar dish Axis base yard Axis base entrance Countryside road
The road was going to be an important visual clue to the player as this would lead them to the radar parts. One thing I always loved about RTCW was the raised up roads with gravel borders and that suited this map perfectly. To match the terrain to the road a lot of triangles were flipped and changed to get a flat surface for the patches.

At various points the road was given height elevation so it did not feel too flat and eventually ended in a huge yard complex in the Axis base. The terrain triangles were so large that it was impossible to create smooth height transitions everywhere so various stone walls were created to allow for the road to cut through the landscape and feel more man made. This helped with the Radar objectives because they could put up high so that all players could see what state they were in.

After creating all the road patches and re-working the countryside house it was time for me to move on to another map and leave it to other people to finish it. The final version of this map had dynamic weather and used a special shader to create low poly foliage on various parts of the terrain. There was an amazing ambience to this map and with foliage everywhere it added a nice surprise to gameplay.

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