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 Shape And Form Experiment   File Size: 0.65Mb File Size: 1.54Mb
Eyes Mask Engine Cradle
Chin Liquid Brazilian Curly

SAFE (Shape And Form Experiment) was born from my constant playing of System Shock2. While playing SS2 for the 10th time I noticed a bulkhead in the hydro section of the game which seemed to be oozing gorgeous mappin chee. I stopped playing that instant and started throwing brushes around like a madman .. the mappin 'chee' flowed and SAFE was born from my crazy demented mind.

Due to the map being completely made from detail brushes (because I'm lazy and can't be bothered to create a caulk hull for it) and all the anti-bot brushwork the AAS file is total rubbish. I have decided to not include the AAS file in the final zip due to it being a waste of zip space. To be honest this map was never intended for bots and them not being able to run around it wasting processor cycles is a blessing in disguise.

For some wierd reason I spent a very long time just zooming around this map, just loving the brushwork shapes melting into each other like liquid gold. While floating around the map/room I discovered loads of odd viewpoints which had very good 'chee' and made me smile in a way I have not smiled in a very long time.

The colour scheme was purposely choosen to present something strangely compelling but equally disturbing at the same time. Everyone who initially looked at it either liked it or hated it, well ok ... everyone thought it was a wierd colour combination and reminded them of a bucket of sick! But for some bizarre reason it seems to fit together and flows with an almost organic feel to me, each to their own I suppose! ;)

-ID for creating Quake 3 Arena.
-Nunuk, Bal, Ydnar for advice and support.
-Ydnar, for q3map2 compiler.

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