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 Palace Texture Pack Information File Size: 30Mb
This is a small collection of marble and stone high resolution (1024 x 1024) textures that were used in the concept map The Florentine Library. All of the textures are digitally photo sourced by me and are colour matched so that they can work together easily. The photos were taken from various locations around Italy and luckily with so many tourists wandering around, nobody thought it was strange I was busy taking pictures of floors and ceilings.

The textures are designed to work within a palace indoor environment with large amounts of marble and regal trims. The set contains some free form material types that will work on any surface, while the rest use the editor grid for applying seams to geometry edges.

Stone Walls
Marble Walls
Concrete Corrugated
Vault Ceilings
Door and Frames
Metal Panels 1 Metal Panels 2
Floor Tiles
Floor Tiles and Steps
Floor Tiles Floor Tiles and Steps
Marble Trims 1
Marble Trims 2
Marble Trims 1 Marble Trims 2
Marble Trims 3
Marble Trims 4
Marble Trims 3 Marble Trims 4

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